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Many contemporary views of the human body and spirit would lead us to believe that they are fundamentally flawed. This website promotes the belief that we are not so flawed, that it is within each of us to find our way, and that each individual is best suited to make decisions about their own health and wellness.

To that end, we hope this website serves as a resource for your personal journey. Take the time to read through what issues might concern or interest you. With that, we hope you’ll be better prepared in your everyday challenges. We respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, but believe there is truth to be sought after – join us in this quest. We believe that life is ‘Not a Disease’ but a wonderful blessing.

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Here is an overview of our categories.

Child Development

Children are controlled almost all waking ours. They are given strict structure of activity and actions, and when they fight off this unnatural approach they are essentially punished. We need to re-evaluate what children really need, and our approach to them.


Womanhood is hard enough, but we are told that for our good we should submit to a barrage of intervention from the medical community. It can range from fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, mental health and more. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge of our natural bodies that we might more fully understand the impact that intervention has on it.


Our eyes are so well designed. Our best cameras cannot duplicate what our eyes are capable of, yet we know so little about them. Our eyes need our attention as much as the rest of our body. Here we discuss some ideas of how they work, and how we can maintain and even improve our eyesight-without corrective lens or surgery.


We abuse our feet without realizing what we are doing. We have been taught that we should do things to avoid problems, yet these very things can increase the risk of developing problems. Our feet are well designed, and it is time we appreciated them.